Our Story

Rocky Superdog Adventures started when the owner envisions his dog named Rocky to be a superhero that helps and saves all the pets in need.

Underlie the game is the website Rocky Superdog www.rockysuperdog.com - a caring community that aims to build a worldwide circle of pet lovers that look after each other.

Just like what it aims in reality, Rocky the main character of the game our newest superhero is here to save his abducted friends from the hands of the evil pirates.

He will jump, roll, run, and dodge the obstacles while saving the dogs. Experience and get to know our hero, Rocky and help him find and save his friends. Complete each level by dodging the obstacles while saving his friends. Collect as many bones and power-ups as you can!

It is just not an ordinary game that will entertain you, because, Rocky Superdog Adventures will give you a chance to be a Rocky Ranger and be part of a caring community whose mission is to:

Reconnect missing pets with their families

Find a loving home for pets that need a home

Raise money to fund shelters and animals in need

Get volunteers easily

Reach the right audience. Mingle and spend time with pet owners who share your interest

Track your pets anywhere they go!

Help put a stop to pet cruelty!