Frequently Asked Questions

I logged in as a guest, can I still play the Story Mode?

Yes, you can still play the Story Mode, however, you might lose your game progress if you are not logged in using your Facebook or Google account.

How can I secure and not lose my game progress?

You need to create an account in order to secure your game progress. Create an account by logging in using your Facebook or Google account.

I played level one, however, I can’t proceed to the next level. How can I unlock the next level?

To proceed and unlock the next level you need to get three (3) stars by completing the mission that is shown at the start of the current level you are playing.

What will happen to the bones I collected in playing the Story Mode game?

The number of bones collected will be saved on your profile on the first time you have completed the level - (Gained 3 stars).

Are the bones I've collected from playing the previous levels after completing the mission (gained 3 stars) will be added to my current bones count?

After completing the mission, we record the number of bones you gathered. If by chance of playing again the previous level, the bones you've collected will not be added or recorded to your current bone count.

What’s the use of the bones I collected?

Bones can be used to buy power-ups in the store to speed up the game - collect and use as many as you need to get to the next level!

What are the available power-ups?

Magneteer - Attracts bones temporarily
Lightning Bomb - Summons lightning causing damage on obstacles
SpeedDog - boosts Rocky’s speed temporarily
TornaDog - Create a whirlwind destroying obstacles

Can I purchase bones?

You can buy bones through our in-app purchase. Go to Story mode, click the cart to visit our shop then click the bones and choose from our bone collections.

How many levels are there in Story Mode?

Complete Levels 1-15 of the Rocky Superdog Adventures Game!

What will happen if I finish Levels 1-15?

Stay tuned for the upcoming levels! 🏆 Follow our social media accounts for updates!